Thursday, August 23, 2012

Civil 3D - What NOT to do !!! (Part 1 of MANY)

Well here goes,  many people are amazed at Civil 3D.  Unfortunately they are also amazed at some of the things they manage to do with unexpected results.

Now before you panic, this is usually not a big deal, because of the undo button, or the "oops" button.

But preventative maintenance is always better than trying to fix things, so here goes.

If you want to delete a profile VIEW please do NOT put a window around it, or a crossing window around it, and hit the delete button.

This will in fact delete the profile view, however...  IT WILL DELETE THE PROFILES AS WELL,  like the existing or proposed profiles.

And most of the time, i really doubt you would want this because it means re-creating possibly the existing profile, the proposed profile, and any other profile you may have placed in the view.

DONT BELIEVE ME?  Go try it on a test drawing and make sure of what you're doing.

Good luck, back again soon with more "What NOT to do" helpful hints.

For more, please visit or email me at for questions or help.

Happy Cadding!!

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