Thursday, August 16, 2012

Break ROW Lines at Each Lot Corner - EASILY!

Parcel Creation and Lot Line Bearing and Distance Labels
(Little Known Feature in Map 3D)

Now before you ignore this, remember that Map 3D is already included in Civil 3D.  In fact, so is AutoCAD.
But I digress…  back to the issue.  Parcels need to be dimensioned, usually with a bearing and distance on each line.   So what happens when the R.O.W. line needs a distance, but also needs to be broken up into individual lot lines for distance labels also?
In fact, how do we get the “perfectly” closed polygonal areas needed for parcel conversion? 
We all know the problem, lines that don’t “exactly” meet at the corner, lines that go too far, or fall short of the line to be intersected, duplicate lines…  and the list goes on.
Thanks to Map 3D, these errors can be fixed quite easily and extremely quickly (all at once in fact) and R.O.W. lines can be broken at each lot corner allowing for easy labeling without manually drawing duplicate lines and without using the tedious "break" command.
But wait.. theres more!   When the R.O.W. lines get broken, the individual lot lines created can also be placed on a new layer leaving the original R.O.W. line intact.  Distance labeling solved.

So what is this “Little known feature”?   It’s called Drawing Cleanup, and yes, you already have it if you are using Civil 3D.

Need to know how to use this amazing tool?
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