Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fields as text Label

Ever put a label under an assembly only to have the assembly be renamed? Yes you guessed it, you have to edit the text to reflect the name of the assembly.

NOT AN LONGER... This does NOT have to be a source of your civil 3d pain any longer.

We will now show you "Fields"... By typing in the word "field" (without the quotes of course) at the command line, you will be taken to the Field dialog box. In the upper left dropdown, select "Objects", notice that the list below changes.

Next click on the field name "Object" in the column on the left. (The next two columns will now be blank.)

Now select the icon as shown below, which will allow you to select the desired object.

Select the centerline of the assembly, and the properties column will be populated.

Select the "Name" property from the list. You should see the assembly name in the upper right corner of the dialog box.

Click OK, and place the field (text) into the drawing where you wish. You should have an assembly with a field text box similar to that shown below.

Now go to the properties of the assembly, change the name, and regen your drawing. The text field you placed a moment ago should change to reflect the renamed assembly.


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Layout View Recycling

Ever get tired of re-creating the apparently same layout view over and over and over?

Two ways of solving this annoying issue will have your copy of the layout view up and running in seconds.

First, it IS possible to create layout views that are used over and over in your templates. This means creating new drawings have your layouts included in them, ready for you to use each time. Don't need the layout? Delete it, easy as that.

Second, if the layout is not in the template, and its not in the current drawing, use Design Center to "drag and drop" from ANY drawing on your hard disk or network, yes any drawing you can "see" from your computer can be used. Open design center, find the drawing, expand the drawing, then layouts. In the right window, select the layout you need, and simply drag it into your current drawing. DONE. Sometimes this stuff is just too easy.

Watch the video HERE or copy and paste this link:

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Monday, June 6, 2011


Who knew that such an "oldie but goodie" could work even better in Civil 3D?

Well it can, try it on Civil 3D objects like a profile view, or an alignment. Granted, it doesnt work on ALL civil objects but its there, right on the home tab of Civil 3D, and waiting for you to give it a go.

This command is far easier than selecting a profile view, right clicking, going to profile view properties, and finding the style name... then going to the profile view you wish to change, and repeating this process until you change the style to match.

Try it, you'll like it. or, you can watch a "Video Minute" of how this command works, simply by visiting this page... Dont forget to scroll down the page and register to recieve your FREE minute video by email each day.