Saturday, September 13, 2008

Civil 2009 Update 1 (NOT Civil 3D)

Update 1 for AutoCAD Civil 2009 (CAUTION: this is not AutoCAD Civil 3D, whose update 1 was already released) was made available recently.

Click here to be directed to this update: DOWNLOAD LINK

Before applying this update, make sure that any customizations made to the user profile (such as, customizations made to the support file search paths, print file customizations, printer support file paths, redirections, custom template settings, and so on) are exported to a secure location, then imported and reapplied after the update has been successfully installed.

Speaking at Autodesk University

I am pleases and honored to announce that i have been selected as a speaker at Autodesk University this year.

CV214-5 Bringing Sexy Back to Civil

This lecture is for AutoCAD® Civil 3D® users who want to take their skills to the next level. This presentation will cover how to leverage your Civil 3D dynamic civil model to create renderings that will help you win business. The presentation will also cover the workflow needed for civil visualization and its best practices. Changes in design intent are common throughout the design process. This class will address how to deal with the ever-changing design intent of the project. If your clients are bored to death from too many PowerPoint® presentations, this class is for you.

This course will discuss the following:
Exporting Civil 3D design data for use in Autodesk® 3ds Max®
Importing Civil 3D design data within a 3ds Max environment
Creating renderings from Civil 3D data
Creating animations and walk throughs Identifying best practices for utilizing Civil 3D and 3ds Max 2009
Adapting changing design intent during the Civil/Visualization project.

Who should attend this class?
Designers, drafters, and CAD managers with intermediate-level Civil 3D knowledge.

4 Way Time Comparison

Ever wonder how long it takes to do a task 4 different ways?Well search no more, here we have created a "Time Comparison Chart" giving comparisons for several different tasks.The comparisons were created because i have done Civil Engineering projects in all four methods...

By Hand
Land Desktop
Civil 3D (Bet you can't guess who wins.)

So just in case you haven't come up to speed with Civil 3D, check out the Comparison here: DraftingTimeComparisons.pdf And see how much time you can save... (Please remember these are estimates only and we do not guarantee that your time differences will be the same.)

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