Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Layout View Recycling

Ever get tired of re-creating the apparently same layout view over and over and over?

Two ways of solving this annoying issue will have your copy of the layout view up and running in seconds.

First, it IS possible to create layout views that are used over and over in your templates. This means creating new drawings have your layouts included in them, ready for you to use each time. Don't need the layout? Delete it, easy as that.

Second, if the layout is not in the template, and its not in the current drawing, use Design Center to "drag and drop" from ANY drawing on your hard disk or network, yes any drawing you can "see" from your computer can be used. Open design center, find the drawing, expand the drawing, then layouts. In the right window, select the layout you need, and simply drag it into your current drawing. DONE. Sometimes this stuff is just too easy.

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