Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dragged Point Label - Gap between arrowhead and point marker.

Ever notice that when you drag a point label, there is a gap between the end of the arrowhead and the actual point marker?  (Like this)

The fix for this is easy assuming you can find WHERE to go to fix it.  (Kinda starting to seem like this is the problem way too often for my taste!)

So here goes...

1.  Select the point (or label)
2.  Right click, and select "Point Group Properties"

Now here is where the fun starts because one would assume (or at least i did) that the fix would be in the label style.  WRONG, its actually in the Point Style.

3.  Click the down arrow to the right of the point style (the second down arrow), and choose "Edit Current Selection" from the dropdown list.
4.  Click on the "Summary" tab at the top.
5.  Click the "+" sign to expand the Marker group.
6.  Change the "Leader Stops at Marker" value to "No"

7. Click OK, and OK once again.

Your arrow should now go all the way to the actual point location.  (As shown here)

Hope this helps solve a rather annoying problem.

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