Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boundary on Corridor Surface

So, im using Civil 3D 2010 and trying to make a border around the "Daylight" line along both sides of my corridor (just like i used to do in 2009). And i see this amazing new option... "Corridor Extents as Outer Boundary" WOW! I think.

Not quite so fast... turns out this little feature only works if you have more than one basline in your corridor. Bummer!?

Now for the work-a-round... Simply place another baseline in your corridor, you must have an alignment and profile, however just do not put in a region.

This keeps the corridor from trying to create anything, yet gives the ability to use the new amazing feature "Corridor Extents as Outer Boundary"

Till Next Time...
Performance Management.... Its what we do!

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