Monday, August 3, 2009

Styles and Templates

Styles and Templates are of course necessary for Civil 3D to do its job properly. That job of course is to make objects in Civil 3D display correctly as well as plot correctly.

There is however, a "secondary" reason which turns out to be far more important than display or plotting. Styles and Templates assist in, and in fact can control the vast majority of the Cad Standards within a company. Yes, you heard correctly, i said the Cad Standards, which everyone either forces down someones throat, or has forced down their throat can be maintained and enforced through simply using the company styles and templates.

I realize this is a fairly broad statement, but just think about it... If the templates accessible by all drafters, designers or engineers using Civil 3D are the same, and utilize the same styles... then everyones drawings will look the same. What an amazing concept.

Till next time.... happy drafting.

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