Saturday, February 14, 2009

Manipulating Contours in Civil 3D

Civil 3D will not allow you to “grip edit” a contour line. Land Desktop would allow this action, but then, this isn’t your dads design software any longer now is it ?

Manipulating contours to make the “correct” is simply a matter of editing the surface. This is done by using breaklines, swapping of edges in a TIN, adding or deleting edges and adding or deleting elevation points.

The big trick is to have a style set as current which displays not only the tin, but contours (in a color you can readily see) should be turned on as well. In addition, for the moment anyway, turn on the “auto rebuild” action for surfaces. This is the key, as when you perform an edit such as swap edge on a tin line, the contour will physically change making it easier to see immediately how the action changes the display.

If you would like to watch a short video of this method, select the following link:

Hope this little trick helps in making your surface the best and most accurate possible.
Till next time….

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